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restaurant&lounge SARRIÀ

A melting pot of experiences,
tastes and styles from East and West

Kasato Maru
Logo ikibana

In 1908 “Kasato Maru”, a passenger boat, reached Brazil with the first Japanese immigrants. And they also brought with them the precious ingredients and recipes of a distant, exotic land which had been unknown until then.

Over one hundred years later the Japanese-Brazilian culinary tradition is famous all around the world with its own strong identity. Two peoples and two cultures that have been able to fuse flavours, ingredients, colours and textures, thereby creating very special gastronomy.

Take a trip around a route of flavours which have been around the world and which have brought Tokyo and São Paulo closer together.

What IKIBANA is proposing to you is a different experience on each and every dish.


The restaurant

Based on classic Japanese cuisine and using first-rate ingredients, IKIBANA has made the most of the fusion of Japan and Brazil to extract unique flavours.

Its varied sashimis, its tempuras whose presentation and lightness are unique, makis surprising for their tropical hints, original sobas and gunkans which are ground-breaking in terms of textures and spicy provocations.

Eating at IKIBANA has become a full experience and every detail has been attended to in order to stimulate the senses. Colours, textures, mural art works, walls with glass mosaics, images and videos and a well though-out musical selection provide a never-ending range of memorable sensations.

  • Kitchen
  • Cocktails and wines
  • The menu

    A gastronomic journey through the Brazilian and Japanese cultures in which you will discover different flavours, textures, aromas and culinary techniques originating from each country by means of a fusion that respects Japanese sobriety, meticulousness and technique with an explosion of flavours, colours and native Brazilian products.

    See the whole menu
  • A sweet world

    Homemade preparations endowed with exotic flavours but which respect traditional pastries. Our mission is to make the dessert a total pleasure. Sweetnesses that evoke memories, whisking us back to our childhoods and which make the end into an unforgettable experience.

    See the dessert menu
  • Tasting

    A culinary tour around a selection of dishes which convey the essence of our Ikibana gastronomy.

    If you want to recieve our tasting menus please contact us at

  • Cocktails

    The word derives from the English cock’s tail. It dates back to Victorian times when English precious wood traders arrived at the port of San Francisco de Campeche (Mexico). They drank wines and liquors straight in the taverns, sometimes drinking the “dregs” which were mixed drinks stirred with a metal spoon which produced a bad taste. On one occasion they saw the barman use slender, fine roots from a plant called “cola de gallo” (“cock’s tail”) to avoid the bad taste. They asked him what it was and in his language he replied “cock’s tail”.

    See the cocktails menu
  • Winery

    A careful selection of wines from those denominations most recognised in the world by great classics, young promises and pleasant surprises. You will undoubtedly find the perfect harmony between the dishes and the broths of this well thought-out menu. But don't forget that you'll never remember the wine for how good it is but rather for the company you took it in

    See the wine menu


To set up an event or get further information
+ 34 662 234 009

or write us at

Astrid Pujol


kibana can go to wherever you are so you can try out a blend of flavours and styles from the East and West.


  • Porsche
  • Hugo Boss
  • Trussardi
  • Engel and Völkers


Carrer Doctor Fleming, 11
08017 Barcelona

+34 935 481 312


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Opening hours

Monday to Thursday, from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Kitchen opens uninterruptedly until 1 a.m.

Weekend opening hours

Friday to Sunday, from 1 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Kitchen opens uninterruptedly until 1 a.m.

Valet parking


To reserve a table or get further information +34 935 481 312 or write to us

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